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2019 BBB Integrity Award Winner

WoodmenLife Earns Honor for Ethical Business Practices

2019 BBB Integrity Award WinnerWoodmenLife has received the 2019 Better Business Bureau (BBB) Integrity Award. This award honors organizations that demonstrate ethical business practices with key stakeholders, including customers, employees and community at large rather than a company’s growth, profitability or popularity.

The Integrity Award winners were chosen by an independent panel of judges consisting of metro Omaha business leaders and members of the academic community. Other winners are Autism Action Partnership, Vision2Voice, Schemmer, Seldin Company, Bridges Trust, and Heartland Family Service.

“BBB’s Integrity Award Winners have shown that ethics and integrity are core values of their organization,” stated Jim Hegarty, president and chief executive officer, of Better Business Bureau, Inc. serving Nebraska, South Dakota, The Kansas Plains and Southwest Iowa. “The 2019 BBB Integrity Award Winners join an elite group of organizations that realize dealing fairly and honestly with employees, customers and partners are central to profitability and growth.”

WoodmenLife President & CEO Patrick L. Dees said it’s an honor to receive this recognition for something this organization strives to demonstrate every day.

“Our associates are passionate about serving others,” Dees said. “Acting in the best interest of our members is one of our core values, and this recognition reinforces that our associates act with integrity and commitment at all times.”

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