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Brand Standards

The following graphic standards have been established to create an effective brand identity for WoodmenLife. By using our logo and name consistently and accurately, we increase recognition and awareness of WoodmenLife. We also reinforce our commitment to high standards of quality and service.

The Logo

Primary Usage

woodmenlife logo color

The primary WoodmenLife logo is composed of the tower symbol and company name. The service mark location is always on the top right of word mark. This is the default logo, go-to version.

Tower Symbol Usage

tower symbol

The tower symbol should only be used when WoodmenLife word mark is visible or has been clearly branded elsewhere. The tower symbol is to be used as a design element.


Logo With Tagline and Web Address

The logo may also be used with the company web address. The logo is not to be typeset.

woodmenlife color web address

Logo Color

When the logo appears on a white background, use our primary Tower symbol blue PMS 645 C and black logo.

On a dark background, use an all-white logo, and if the logo appears on a light-colored background, use the all-black logo.

Tower Symbol Blue

tower symbol blue

Full Color Usage

woodmenlife logo color

Approved color combinations

approved color woodmenlife logo color
approved color woodmenlife logo black
approved color woodmenlife logo white

Not Approved color combinations



Always maintain clear space around the logo to protect it from distracting graphics or typography. For the signature, measure clear space by the height of the “W” in WoodmenLife for vertical space, and the width of the “W” for horizontal.

Never allow typography or other elements to “invade” the signature or the symbol. When using the logo only, the clear area on all sides should be equal to the height of the W. The logo should never be used as part of a sentence or text slogan.

live area

Maintain clear area around signature.

logo whitespace

Clear area must equal height of letter “W” in logo around signature.

Improper Usage

The logo is the primary visual representation of the brand, and needs to be treated respectfully. Changing any part of the logo will jeopardize consistency and weaken its impact.

Please avoid doing the following:

do not repeat the symbol
do not change the typography of the logo
do not alter symbol
do not use any other graphic with the logo
do not use any other color or tint other than those specified
do not reposition the symbol
do not use the symbol undernealth
do not break the name into two words
do not remove or reposition the ®
do not change the tower symbol and logotype size relationship
do not rearrange any elements of the logo
do not place the logo in holiding shapes