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Peregrine Falcon with the first egg

First Falcon Egg of the Season Spotted Atop WoodmenLife Tower

Need a reason to smile? We’ve got one — so far! The peregrine falcons that call WoodmenLife Tower home have laid their first egg! Last year’s nesting pair, Mintaka and Chayton, hatched three birds: Jimmy Falcon, Ellen and Oprah. How many stars will be born this year?

A camera focused on the nest on the north ledge outside a 28th floor window shows the box they’ll call home. The male and female take turns sitting on the egg. As one falcon arrives to nest-sit, the other takes flight, in search of food. Falcons lay another egg every two or three days and commonly lay three to four eggs each spring.

Falcons have been calling this tower home since 1988, when they were introduced to city life as part of broader conservation efforts. The populations of this bird of prey had plummeted in the 1950s, and efforts by scientists and conservationists in the 1980s and 1990s have helped the species bounce back. Life in the Omaha skyline is appealing to these birds, since they can feast on the pigeons and starlings that surround many buildings. They’re the fastest bird in the world, flying at more than 180 miles per hour in a dive and level flight of 62 miles per hour.

Experience the anticipation of waiting to see how many eggs are laid, the joy of watching chicks hatch and the anxiety of watching them leave the nest for the first time to explore LIVE on the FalconCam. Visit and bookmark our FalconCam page now.

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