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WoodmenLife Tower Welcomes First Falcon Egg of 2022

The WoodmenLife falcons have laid their first egg of the 2022 season! The birds, likely Chayton and Mintaka, have chosen the east-facing nest. This will be the 5th year this pair has laid eggs atop the WoodmenLife Tower.

Chayton will potentially lay two to four more eggs, one about every other day. She and Mintaka will take turns sitting on them to keep them warm, each going on hunts in between. The incubation period for peregrine eggs is approximately 30 days. After that, the baby falcons, called eyasses, will hatch and spend five to six weeks eating and building strength so that they will be ready to begin flying.

Peregrine falcons have been returning to WoodmenLife Tower each spring since 1988, where they were initially released as part of a recovery program for their once-endangered species. WoodmenLife works with the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission to observe, band and track the falcons before they migrate after breeding season.

To learn more, visit WoodmenLife’s Falcon Watch homepage. You can read about the history of the falcons, watch the live falcon camera and more.