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WoodmenLife Sees Four Eggs Again This Falcon Season

Four is our magic number! Identical to last year at WoodmenLife Tower, Chayton has laid four eggs and is now sitting on them, which means the likelihood of a fifth egg is slim. Now, she and her partner, Mintaka, will incubate the four soon-to-be hatchlings.

Both peregrines will take turns sitting on the eggs to keep them warm. The incubation period lasts just over 30 days; we anticipate seeing our first eyass (baby falcon) the first week of May. After the first hatches, the other three will soon follow, all within a few days.

Once the four hatchlings are out of their shells, the male and female will take turns hunting to provide food for their young. From there, the eyasses will start to develop the feathers on their wings in preparation for their first flights. They usually fledge (learn to fly) within five to six weeks. Once the hatchlings leave, they must go claim their own territory and source of food.

Keep up with us during the egg watch on our 24/7 WoodmenLife Falcon Cam and watch the process of how this once endangered species reproduces.

You can also learn all about the peregrine falcon history with WoodmenLife on our Falcon Watch Page.