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WoodmenLife Peregrine Falcon Egg Watch Update

The WoodmenLife peregrine pair, Mintaka and Chayton, have been sitting on their four eggs for a little over two weeks now. That means we’re about halfway through our egg watch. The pair take turns, with one sitting on the soon-to-be hatchlings while the other is out hunting for food.

The incubation process is a crucial part of the species reproduction. Especially during cold days and nights, keeping the eggs warm is essential for the eyasses (baby falcons) to hatch and be healthy.

We anticipate seeing our first hatchling in early May. From there, mom and dad will continue to hunt and provide for their young as they develop their wings.

Keep up with the WoodmenLife falcons on our 24/7 falcon cam. You won’t want to miss when these four hatchlings take their first peek at the world.