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WoodmenLife and Western Governors University Announce Partnership

WoodmenLife, a 132-year-old, not-for-profit life insurance company based in Omaha that serves more than 700,000 members, and Western Governors University (WGU), a fully online, nonprofit university, announced they have entered into a joint partnership that will provide WoodmenLife’s 1,400 associates with flexible, personalized pathways to earning their degrees from WGU. Additionally, under the terms of the agreement, those who enroll in any of the university’s 60-plus undergraduate or graduate degree programs in business, IT, K-12 teacher education or health professions – including nursing – will now be eligible to apply for the WGU Collaborative Agreement Scholarship.

The scholarships, each valued at up to $2,500, are designed for members and employees of WGU’s partner collaboratives that are seeking to advance their education. The scholarships will be disbursed in increments of $625 per six-month term and can be renewed for up to four terms based on satisfactory academic performance.

“The four C’s – Courage, Competence, Confidence and Character open the doors to your dreams and only you own them. The Courage to start; Competence through education builds Confidence; Character to hold yourself accountable on the journey,” said Patrick L. Dees, President and CEO of WoodmenLife.

WGU offers WoodmenLife associates a competency-based approach to learning that allows students to take advantage of their knowledge and previous experience to quickly move through material they already know so they can focus on what they still need to learn. Students complete their programs by studying on schedules that fit their lives, advancing as soon as they demonstrate they have mastered the subject matter. WGU faculty members work one-on-one with students as mentors, offering guidance, support and individualized instruction. While WGU’s degree programs are rigorous and challenging, competency-based learning makes it possible for students to accelerate their progress and graduate faster, saving both time and money.

“We’re pleased to be partnering with WoodmenLife to help make quality, competency-based higher education more accessible to its associates,” said Dr. Angie Besendorfer, Regional Vice President of Western Governors University. “Our academic programs are a perfect fit for adults who can’t fit traditional schooling into their busy lives but desire an affordable option to continue their educational journey. WGU offers students the flexibility they require to gain the skills needed to succeed in the evolving workplace.”

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WoodmenLife was founded in 1890 as a not-for-profit. The organization gives back to its members across the country, who join together in a shared commitment to family, community and country. With a legacy of financial stability, WoodmenLife offers quality life insurance and retirement products. A person becomes a member when they purchase a WoodmenLife product. Members have access to many extras they can use now. To learn more about the organization, visit

About WGU

Established in 1997 by 19 U.S. governors with a mission to expand access to high-quality, affordable higher education, online, nonprofit WGU now serves more than 131,000 students nationwide and has more than 257,000 graduates in all 50 states. Driving innovation as the nation’s leading competency-based university, WGU has been recognized by the White House, state leaders, employers, and students as a model that works in postsecondary education. In just 25 years, the university has become a leading influence in changing the lives of individuals and families and preparing the workforce needed in today’s rapidly evolving economy. WGU is accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities, has been named one of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies, and has been featured on NPR, NBC Nightly News, CNN, and in The New York Times. Learn more at