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We’ve Got Four Eggs – Let the Egg Watch Begin!

It’s now full blown falcon season! Our mama falcon has laid her fourth and is likely done for this year. When a female falcon is done laying eggs, she sits on them nearly the entire time. That signals the beginning of the incubation process, which will last about 34 days. In early May, we should start to see our first baby falcon (or eyas) hatch.

Fun Facts:

  • Once the baby falcons hatch, they will stay in the nest for five to six weeks. After their wings develop enough for flight, they will fledge (leave the nest).
  • When baby falcons are old enough to leave the nest, they are no longer welcomed back home by their parents. They have to find their own hunting grounds.

Peregrine falcons only lay eggs once a year, typically in late March. They grow rapidly, so be sure to keep updated with our falcons. You can keep an eye on them 24/7 with our Falcon Cam and see what life’s like atop the WoodmenLife Tower.