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Falcon Watch Spring 2009

It’s time to start watching Zeus and Hera. They have chosen the North nest
box again this year. I hope this season will have a happier outcome than
last year.
Last year two falcons, both not banded, fought over territory. One falcon
perished and the other one, believed to be Hera, was injured and taken by
Denise Lewis of Raptor Recovery Nebraska. The female falcon spent four
months recovering from an injured left wing and a gash from leg to leg.
In the meantime, Zeus was on the nest taking care of two hatchlings and
three eggs. He waited for Hera to return for almost two days before he
finally had to leave to find food. Weather was very cold at that time and
all in the box perished. After that Zeus did not leave the area and
remained on the Tower.
When the female falcon was released atop the Woodmen Tower in August 2008
she did not fly away but called out to her mate. Zeus immediately joined
her and they have been together ever since. They have spent this winter
atop the Tower and now seem to be setting up a nest in the North box. I
hope this time they have a happier outcome than last year.