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Falcon Update – Peregrines Early Stages of Life

Last week all four of our peregrine falcon eggs hatched. So what’s next? If you had a chance to look at the falcon cam, you’d probably see the mother is still sitting on top of the eyasses (baby falcons). This is called brooding. Brooding is the act or behavioral instinct for incubation. This term is more commonly used while the babies are unhatched. In this case, the chicks have to be brooded for their first week or so of life, because the hatchlings need help regulating their own body temperature. The mother mostly lays on the babies while the father leaves the nest to hunt for food.

We still managed to catch a few photos of all the babies at lunch time! Be sure to stay updated with our peregrines through our Falcon Page to see how everything’s going atop the WoodmenLife Tower.