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WoodmenLife Impact

WoodmenLife Helps Support Communities With New Online Fundraising Tool

WoodmenLife Impact

WoodmenLife’s online fundraising tool for local giving empowers you to support causes that matter to you.

Building on recent digital developments in charitable giving, WoodmenLife has put its own spin on the community support and created Impact, an online fundraising tool dedicated to expanding the ability of local organizations to fund raise for projects that enhance their communities.

“WoodmenLife has been supporting communities across the country for nearly 130 years,” said Patrick L. Dees, WoodmenLife President and CEO. “We created Impact as a way to grow our efforts to help communities on a larger level where it makes a broader impact.”

Local organizations and committees can submit their fundraisers to Impact for projects that improve their community, such as new equipment for their volunteer fire station or chrome books for the educators in their elementary school. Additional fundraising categories will be available in coming weeks to help local food banks and family organizations.

WoodmenLife provides the funding for Impact’s administrative fees, including credit card fees, so 100% of the donations received go directly to the fundraising project, regardless of how much is raised. And, if funds are available, each fundraiser also receives a seed fund of $50 to start their campaign. Fundraisers are encouraged to keep donors updated by providing updates to their stories throughout their 45-day fundraising campaign.

“Impact really fits a need,” said Don Molineu, Vice President, Fraternal. “The tool provides broader access to a network of individuals and organizations dedicated to helping improve communities across the country. And when donors contribute to an Impact campaign, they have the confidence of knowing their donation is supporting a great community cause.”

If you know someone in your local community who is leading a community improvement project, visit, to find out how to start fundraiser.

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