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Tower lit in red, white and blue

The WoodmenLife Tower lights in red, white and blue for patriotic holidays.

WoodmenLife Tower LED Lights Facts

  1. There are 104 LEDs per fixture/164 fixtures for the entire building
  2.  A total of 17,056 LEDs are used in all fixtures.
  3.  Each LED fixture uses 1/10 of the electricity to run the others
  4. Each fixture is controlled independently from a system kept on the 8th floor
  5. Colors ranging in the millions can be created from the system
  6. Lights should last between 17 to 20 years.
  7.  Total electricity used for the lighting system is one-third the amount used before installation
  8.  First usage of LED system was the WoodmenLife’s  Anniversary on June 6, 2014.
  9. Fixtures together cover the 270 ft with almost 4000 lumens
  10. Lighting system was purchased from Philips Color Kinetics.

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About WoodmenLife Tower

The 30-story WoodmenLife Tower was constructed 1966-1969. The tower serves as the national headquarters for WoodmenLife, and is home to more than 550 WoodmenLife associates as well as other tenants. In 1988, the WoodmenLife Tower was chosen to participate in the reintroduction of peregrine falcons into the Omaha area. Since then, more than 80 falcon chicks have been hatched at the tower. Find out more about WoodmenLife’s Falcons.